Greater Houston NATS Spring Classical Auditions
University of Houston, Moores School of Music

March 25, 2017


Registration Deadline for the Classical auditions: 11:59 p.m. Sunday, March 5, 2017

In prior years, registration has been accessed through the website. However, this year, registration will be completed through

Registration fees will be paid online at the time of registration through a PayPal portal.

Every teacher must indicate on the website that he/she has read and is in compliance with the NATS Policy on Copyright Laws.

Greater Houston Student Auditions Information

1. National and Local Chapter dues must be paid in full on the website before you can register your students.

2. All teachers who register students are required to attend the Student Auditions.
Remember that if you enter students in the auditions, you MUST attend the entire day, which includes the Saturday morning judges’ meeting, and be available for judging assignments. If you fail to attend the Saturday morning judges’ meeting and fail to complete your judging assignments for the auditions, your students will be ineligible for competition.

3. Fee Schedule


Student Audition Fee


Teacher Registration Fee (includes 1 boxed lunch)


Additional Boxed Lunch Fee

$10 each

4. Registration will be done through the website, which can also be accessed on the Greater Houston website, under the Classical Auditions tab.

  1. See further details on pages 2 and 3 of this document.
  2. Auditions registration and box lunches will be purchased through this website when you register students.

5. Teachers must print three Student Auditions Adjudication Forms per student from the website.

  1. After Adjudication Forms are printed, teachers should give these to their students to present to the judges when entering the room.
  2. Students will need 3 copies of the adjudication forms to give to the judges.
  3. One of the benefits of this site is that it will automatically populate the fields you entered with your students’ information and repertoire.

6. Accompanists can play for no more than 10 singers and must not overlap in categories that will hold simultaneous finals. They may either play for:

1) High School & Adult category entrants -OR-

2) College & Advanced category entrants

This is very important to facilitate scheduling for Finals. There are no exceptions to this rule.

7. Accompanists must play from the original score, from sheet music that has been purchased and downloaded, or from an approved public domain website.

  1. It is the individual teacher’s responsibility to make certain his/her students are in full compliance with the copyright laws of the United States.
  2. See last page “NATS Policy on Copyright Laws” for more information.

8. Teachers must complete the registration process for the Greater Houston Student Auditions. Students are not permitted to register themselves.

Registration Instructions for the Greater Houston Student Auditions

1. Confirm that you have paid your National dues through the website.

2. Gather your students’ information. You will need to know:

  1. Student’s name
  2. Student’s age (as of March 6, 2017)
  3. Student’s birthday (including year)
  4. Student’s email address
  5. Number of semesters of voice study
  6. Division (Review “Student Audition Categories” under National Student Auditions at
  7. Accompanist Name. Please be consistent in the spelling of the name of the accompanist. To avoid double booking an accompanist through the scheduling program, the name must be spelled identically each time.
  8. Name of previous teacher, if the student has studied with you for less than 8 months

3. Review the Repertoire Requirements and gather your students’ audition repertoire information. For each piece, you must enter:

  1. Title (include name of larger work if from one)
  2. Composer
  3. Language
  4. Song Type (Art Song, Aria, Spiritual, etc.)

4. Login to

  1. If you have previously used, you may already have a login that you can already use. If you have forgotten your login pin, you can find a link on the website to request a new one.
  2. If you have never used, choose “Request New Login” and follow the instructions there.
  3. Because of the new login process, it is suggested everyone complete their registration well before the deadline on March 5, 2017.

5. Enter (or double-check) the information in the “My Contact” section. Please review the university/college name for you and your students and ensure that it matches the required spelling and capitalization listed in the chart at the bottom of the ‘Student Auditions’ page on the Texoma NATS website. This step is CRITICAL. Note that apostrophes are not allowed in the program, so schools such as St. Mary’s appear as St. Marys. For independent instructors, do NOT enter high school names for the schools. Instead, please list the school as “Your Full Name Independent Studio”. For example: John Doe Independent Studio.

6. Register Students:

  1. Choose “Register Students” (under the Member Tools menu)
  2. Choose “Add New Student”
  3. Add/Edit Student Personal Info
    • You will also need to enter the School/Studio name; see next page for more information. Be sure to enter the school name EXACTLY as it is written under “Spelling of Schools.” This should exactly match the studio name that you entered under “My Contact Information.” If you missed that step, please go back and finish that first.
  1. You MUST enter the student’s correct contact information and birthdate. This is to verify eligibility in the category, as well as to gather information needed for students moving on in the national auditions.
  2. Confirm that the listed information is current and correct for the “If studied less than 8 months with current teacher…” Click the “Next Step” button to continue.
  3. Assign a Category/Division from the drop-down menu. Click the “Next Step” button to continue.
  4. Click “Select Accompanist.” (If not in the list, click the link to Add them). Click the “Next Step” button to continue.
    • Coordinate with colleagues whose students are using the same accompanist; accompanists must only be entered once; for each additional student, the accompanist must then be selected from the drop-down list.  
    • Remember, accompanists can only play for 10 auditions in total.
  1. Enter the “Repertoire Info”
    • Repertoire will need to be entered in the order as listed on pages 7-9 in the NATS Auditions Regulations.
    • Be sure to save your work.
  2. Click the “Add Another Student” button, or click “Done Entering Students” when finished. When Done Entering Students, it will automatically take you to your Judge Profile to select a meal.

Once you have registered your students, you will be able to edit their information and repertoire until registration closes (March 5, 2017).

7. Double-check that you and your students are in compliance with the NATS Policy on Copyright Laws.

8. Once you have entered all your students, go to the “Register Students” page and select “Registration Complete.”

  1. Enter your name, confirming that you and your students are in compliance with the NATS Policy on Copyright Laws.
  2. Before moving on to completing the process, select any lunches you would like to purchase.  The option for purchasing lunch appears on the Judge Profile page. You can access it by either clicking on the Judge Profile link in the left menu panel on your Student List page or when you complete your student registrations.
  3. Select “Pay Fees,” which will calculate the total amount owed.
  4. Fees must be paid online through PayPal. If you have difficulty with the payment process, please contact me immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For questions regarding online registration, please contact: Michael Walsh, Vice President of Classical Auditions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Donna Hinds Sawyers, Vice President of Musical Theatre Auditions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*SPELLING OF SCHOOLS: It is very important that when you register online you use the spellings and capitalizations for your schools found on the Texoma NATS Registration page. The computer program will be able to sort out which teachers are from which school and prevent teachers judging their own students only if we use consistent spelling and capitalization. Be especially careful of any periods, dashes and apostrophes (or lack thereof). Please adjust your university/college name in accordance with the spellings (very important if you have used the program before with another chapter/region). All students will need to have these exact spellings as well.

*If your school does not appear on the list, please enter the school name into the website. Please let any colleagues from your school know how you entered the name so that the spelling and capitalization stays consistent for each institution.


If you have an independent studio, please list your Teaching Location/Studio Name as “Your Full Name Independent Studio” - e.g. “John Doe Independent Studio.”

GHNATS Payment Process