Greater Houston Chapter of NATS
Minutes from Saturday, March 29th, 2008
12:30pm University of Houston Moore's School of Music

12:14: President Christopher Michel called the meeting to order

  1. Christopher acknowledges the current board members
    1. District Governor - Beverly Laubach
    2. President - Christopher Michel
    3. VP Auditions - Elisa Thompson
    4. VP Workshops - Donna Hinds
    5. VP College Vocal Music Fair (College) - Robin Cobb
    6. VP College Vocal Music Fair (High school) - Kimberly Fusilier
    7. Secretary - Dawn Padula
    8. Treasurer - Marion Russell Dickson
  2. Special Thanks
    1. Lynn Lampkin - University of Houston Host
    2. Carole Nelson - Monitors
  3. Hospitality Coordinator
    1. Christopher mentioned a small word about food: lunch & breakfast|
    2. Food is expensive, it is very good, but do we want to reevaluate, with the help of a hospitality coordinator, where we get the food and how much we spend.
  4. Minutes - Christopher opened the floor for discussion
    1. Marion Russell Dickson - 1st motion
    2. Mary Kay Lake - 2nd motion
    3. Vote to accept the minutes which passed
  5. Officers Reports
    1. Elisa - Auditions report for 3/29
      1. Thank everyone who helped make her job easier this year than last
      2. 124 Students came for M. Theatere auditions
      3. 274 students for Classical auditions
      4. Total of about 400 (398) student
      5. 5 years ago we had 121 students
      6. 34 participating teachers in Classical auditions
      7. Unknown (but we need to find out) number of teachers for MT auditions
      8. Date for next year Classical auditions: 4-4-2009
      9. Music Theater Dates -TBA due to review of juggling musical productions for participants
      10. Email Elisa suggestions/problems/questions.
        1. She will compile a list to improve the auditions
      11. Introduction of new members
        1. Cheryl Clancy - C.E. King High School
        2. Mary Hinds - San Jac College South
        3. Paul Busselberg - San Jac Central
        4. Amanda Pullen - private teacher in League City
      12. Guest Judges introduced
        1. Doug Bolin
        2. Eileen Burchart
        3. Sybil Crawford
        4. Nancy Hall
        5. Tracelyn Gestilend - Texan Southern; HCC Central
        6. Kim Tobola
      13. Reminder to pick up critique sheets and leave name tag for future events
    2. Jeanette caught that we didn't discuss the minutes as moved and then re-routed the group for properly voting on accepting the minutes.
      1. Vote passed.
      2. Thought - do we need an official parliamentarian?
    3. Beverly - CVMF
      1. Number of students who attended last fall was down
      2. Date for this fall is being processed - sometime in mid-October
      3. Bring your high-school students!
    4. Marion - Financial Report
      1. $9,081.21 before today's expenses
  6. Old Business
    1. Christopher - Membership late fees of $10.00
      1. New officers to change the by-laws for the following:
        1. Ex-president to stay on the board for transition and help to new officers
        2. Provide timeline, availability = month's notice
        3. Add membership late fee's
      2. Jeanette moved to approve the intent to change the by-laws
      3. Barbara - suggested a book codifying the officer description
      4. Beverly - Bylaws are online:
        1. List for the officers to follow
        2. Past -president remaining on the board
      5. Discussion that there needs to be an amendment to the motion so the new offices are permanently listed in the by-laws.
      6. Jody moved to amend the motion to include the above.
      7. Jane seconded
      8. Vote passed.
  7. New Business
    1. Christopher: 6 years of experience with our chapter, wanted to thank the Nominating Committee for their tenure and their history for the board.
      1. Beverly - Chair, Nicole Kenley, Sandra Peterson, Bob Collett, Carole Nelson
    2. List of officers for 2080-2010 were read:
      1. President: Marion Russell Dickson (St. Thomas)
      2. Secretary: Deborah Greschner (Lamar)
      3. Treasurer: Dawn Padula
      4. VP Workshops: Melissa Givens (HBU)
      5. VP Classical Auditions: Elisa Thompson (Private teacher)
      6. VP Music Theatre Auditions: Laura Avery (SHSU)
      7. VP College Vocal Music Fair #1: Robin Cobb
      8. VP College Vocal Music Fair #2: Jody Haas (High school/Private teacher)
      9. Christopher opened the floor for nominations to accept the slate of officers.
        1. Barbara made the motion to accept
        2. Francis seconded the motion
      10. Angela Pickering asked if Debra Greschner was contacted and discussion led to nominations committee explaining their process of thought and communication while doing their job. (yes)
    3. Christopher asked if there were more questions
    4. Status of the Regional Musical Theatre ??
    5. Web-site for GH NATS
      1. Money saved from restructuring workshops needs to go to re-structuring our website.
      2. We need to allocate money for someone to maintain the website (Michelle Hallcomb?)
      3. Our current site hasn't been restructured since Kristin Hightower was here.
      4. Region Website as an example - we need to make a similar investment
    6. Ballots
      1. Gwen Ramos: thought to send email to Diana Allen
      2. Are they still available?
      3. Barbara - back of ballots not useful
    7. Christopher asked if any other business? No.
    8. Meeting adjourned at 12:36pm

Respectfully Submitted by Marion Russell Dickson

Treasurer, Greater Houston Chapter of NATS